Project Title: “Open-Source Software Reuse Service for SMEs” – OPENSME

The OPEN-SME project aims to develop a set of methodologies, associated tools and business  models centred on SME Associations, which will enable software SMEs to effectively introduce Open Source Software Reuse practices  in their production processes. In this scope, software reuse is regarded as the sharing of software modules across different development teams, organisations, and diverse application domains.

The potential benefits from the adoption of Software Reuse practises by software SMEs could provide substantial competitive advantages against large players by improving productivity, increasing competitiveness (offer more competitive practises), and facilitating entrance to new markets.

The main reasons prohibiting the adoption of Software Reuse solutions by software SMEs are the following:

  1. The large initial investments in technology know-how and tools required for a successful software reuse program are inhibiting reuse for SMEs, since their budget is limited
  2. Effective accumulation of modules requires multiple products in different application domains. Software development SMEs typically develop only a limited number of products or just a single system that evolves in different versions.
  3. The market presently lacks services that would allow the effective identification , cataloguing reshaping and utilisation of open source software components. This significantly prohibits the reuse of code concerning application functionality, which is common to a limited set of domains.

The OPEN-SME project aims to provide a viable solution to the aforementioned SME problems, by developing appropriate methodologies and tools, and defining adequate business models that will allow SME Associations to effectively provide Open Source Software Reuse services to their member software SMEs. In this sense, SME Associations will act as the “software reuse departments” of their members.

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