Project Title: “An open educational framework for computer science Software Engineering” – OpenSE

The openSE project brings together higher education institutions, open source projects and enterprises from different countries, from Europe and beyond, to collaboratively build up a common learning ecosystem.

The openSE framework is an open approach to computer science Software Engineering and aims at the continuous provision of up to date and relevant learning materials and opportunities that match students’ interests and employers’ demand; providing firms with better educated employees and allow learners to acquire an enhanced set of skills than traditional educational provision does. The openSE framework will be open to any type of learner: students of partnering universities, learners from the enterprise field, or ‘free learners’ outside of any type of formal educational context.

Within the openSE project we aim at drawing on ongoing initiatives and prior experiences on open educational provision or experiences of computer science education within open source projects. We cordially invite fellow educational institutions, practitioners and enterprises from the open source field, and all types of learners to contribute to the development of openSE, be it in terms of structuring and shaping the openSE environment, to provide learning resources, mentorship and support opportunities, etc.

During the period October 2009 to October 20011 the openSE project is supported through the European Union’s LifeLongLearning Programme.

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