The Software Engineering Group belongs to the Programming Languages & Software Engineering Lab at the Department of Informatics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The members of the group are interested in the research, development and teaching of software engineering in general, and, in particular, of all aspects related to the assessment of software characteristics, such as quality, cost, reliability, etc. The group is particularly interested in the empirical evaluation of the above characteristics.

Our current research areas include:

  • Open Source Software Engineering (SQO-OSS, FLOSSMETRICSprojects) , including Open Source Software Reuse of software components with CBSE (Component-Based Software Engineering) methods (OPEN-SME project)
  • Software Value, Cost and Quality Estimation (Diergasia project, in Greek)
  • Software Project Management Anti-patterns
  • Open Source Projects as vehicles for Software Engineering Education (see OPENSE, OPENED and FLOSSCOM projects)

Of special interest to the group is also the software buyer’s point of view, i.e. which tools and techniques are useful for controlling the cost and evaluating the quality of the software systems acquired. Other important research topics of the group are eXtreme Programming and other Agile Methods.

The coordinator of the group is Associate Professor Ioannis Stamelos , while the director of the PLaSE laboratory is Professor Ioannis Vlahavas. Other groups of the PLaSE lab include MLKD Group, ISKP Group, STAINSOSWINDS and DSG Group.

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